Industrial Repairs

Your company for industrial electronics repairs in Sheffield

Nova Electronics for industrial electronics repairs in Sheffield

Nova Electronics give you a fast, reliable and cheaper alternative to a manufacturer’s own team. To our electronics engineers, working on industrial electrical equipment is a home from home. They enjoy the different challenge from domestic repairs. Even better for you, we are local to many industrial companies in Sheffield. That means we are responsive – and your downtime is kept to a minimum.

We repair all types of electronic equipment for local Sheffield industry

Nova Electronics repair many types of industrial electronic equipment:

  • Monitors and digital displays
  • Power supplies
  • AC & DC motor drives
  • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC).
  • Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs).

If you can bring a faulty PCB into us, that will be cheaper still. We do painstaking diagnostic checks to make sure it will function when back in place. Modern factories and workshops have many electrical devices. The Nova Electronics team have worked with most. So if your equipment is not shown above, still call us – we would like to help.

Nova's principles for pricing

Nova Electronics have three principles about keeping your repair costs low

  1. We talk with you about the problem and the likely costs. We won’t hide anything. We are known for our honesty
  2. We only do what is necessary to fix the problem – we don’t do “gold-plating”
  3. If something else is found or is needed – we will call you first to discuss it.
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