Catering Repairs

Nova Electronics for repairs to Catering equipment in Sheffield

Nova Electronics in Sheffield for catering repairs

If your catering equipment has a fault or needs repairing, Nova Electronics will be right at your side to help. We know your business is at risk and you can’t afford to wait.

Nova Electronics is truly your local support – we are the only catering repairs business in the centre of Sheffield. We work closely with many kinds of takeaways and restaurants, so we know what you are up against when something breaks.

You can bring equipment to our premises where we will get it fixed fast. We deliberately carry many spares, covering all manufacturers, to give you fast repair times. You want to get back to normal trading quickly – so do we.

We repair many types of catering equipment – and the circuit boards in them.

Our specialist engineers can fix problems across many types of kitchen equipment. Our most common repairs are on:

  • Commercial Microwaves and Combination ovens
  • Deep Fat Fryers
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice makers
  • Kebab equipment
  • Ovens and grills
  • Hot Cupboards
  • Servery Counters
  • Mixers and Blenders

In most catering equipment these days there will Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and if these fail, they can be costly to replace. Nova Electronics gives you the repair option. This means much lower cost and your faithful equipment back in action quickly.

As always with Nova Electronics, we will look at any catering equipment problem. We will do what we can to fix it – quickly and keeping your costs down. If we can’t fix it at a sensible price, we will tell you and give you advice.

Nova's principles for pricing

Nova Electronics have three principles about keeping your repair costs low

  1. We talk with you about the problem and the likely costs. We won’t hide anything. We are known for our honesty
  2. We only do what is necessary to fix the problem – we don’t do “gold-plating”
  3. If something else is found or is needed – we will call you first to discuss it.
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