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Nova Electronics in Sheffield will get you top marks for your Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Have you got a Health & Safety visit soon ? Are you worried ?

Nova Electronics in Sheffield for portable equipment testing

Nova Electronics is a Sheffield electrical repairs business who will make sure your Portable Appliances Testing (PAT) gets top marks. 

If you are a business, you will have portable appliances.  They need to be regularly tested for safety and to spot anything dangerous.  If you don’t do the PAT, and something happens to your employees or customers, you can be fined – heavily.  And worse.

So Nova Electronics test and certify all your portable appliances to make sure they are safe.  We give you the confidence to look Health & Safety square in the eye and to carry on with your business – safely. 


What is a Portable Appliance  ?

A Portable Appliance:

  • Weighs less than 18kg
  • is intended to be moved whilst in operation or...
  • can be easily moved from one place to another

 Here are some examples:

  • Movable Equipment such as an electrical compressor.
  • Hand-held Appliances like an angle grinder or power drill.
  • Stationary Equipment such as a refrigerator, washing machine
  • Fixed equipment like a fixed air-conditioning unit
  • Most types of computer equipment
  • Extension leads, multi-way adaptors and RCD Adaptors

How Nova Electronics carries out Portable Appliance Testing – Inspect, Test and Report.

All electrical equipment whether plugged in or permanently connected must be inspected and tested. Our tests normally last only a few minutes.

Nova’s inspectors will:

  • Visually check for damage, wrong wiring and incorrectly rated fuses
  • Run it through a number of electrical tests
  • Label the item with an asset number, pass or fail, and the date of the next test.

We give you an Asset Register, Test Report and Certificate of Conformity.  These show that you meet the regulations. 

As always with Nova Electronics, if you are not sure how PAT applies to you just give us a call. Even better, drop in – we are your local electronics specialists.


Nova Electronics’ principles for pricing – plain speaking 

Nova Electronics have three principles about keeping your computer repair costs low:

  1. We talk with you about the problem and the likely costs.  We won’t hide anything.  We are known for our honesty
  2. We only do what is necessary to fix the problem – we don’t do “gold-plating”
  3. If something else is found or is needed – we will call you first to discuss it.

As a guide, here are some typical prices for appliance testing.

 Service  Cost  Time
 Portable Appliance Test  £2.50 + VAT  per applicance 

If you need some portable appliances testing, book them in with us now. Especially if that Health & Safety visit has been arranged. 

Call us now on 0114 244 7257 – or drop in at 700 -702 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

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