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Nova Electronics for computer and laptop repairs in Sheffield we treat them as a priority fix

If your computer or laptop needs repairing or stops working, we will do all we can to fix the problem fast while keeping costs down.

Nova Electronics in Sheffield for computer repairs

Whether you are in business, a student or a serious gamer, we at Nova know how important your computer is to you – so it’s a priority fix for us.  And as we are local, you can easily bring it in.

Computer and laptop repairs - we solve the common hardware problems

We solve the most common problems to get you back online:

  • The DC power socket.  You will have your laptop back in a few hours because we hold most sockets in stock.
  • Damaged Screens.  It’s not as costly as you think to replace these and we do it quickly.  Once again, you’ll see things clearly.
  • Keyboards.  If you buy the keyboard from us, we will replace it free of charge.
  • Graphics.  A common fault these days.  We normally fix any errors by reflowing the graphics processor.  And it works out cheaper for you. 

These are the most common faults.  Our Nova engineers specialise in electronic repairs, so we also install:

  • hard drives
  • memory modules
  • mother boards and processors
  • graphics and sound cards 
  • and a whole lot more

In a word, give us your computer hardware problem, whatever it might be. We will do what we can to fix it – and keep the costs down for you.  If we can’t fix it at a sensible price, we will tell you and give you advice.

Computer and laptop repairs – we remove software viruses, we build protection and we help you with the common software problems

If your computer or laptop is infected with malicious software caught online, we first get it off your machine and then advise you on how to minimize your risk online. You spend a lot of time online; Nova Electronics will make it safe for you.

We solve the following software problems for you:

  • Malicious virus, spyware or Trojans.  They are frequent, serious and can be hard to deal with.  You gain from our years of experience in removing them.
  • Once we have cleaned your computer, we want to protect it. We advise on anti-virus software and setting up your own firewall.
  • If you can’t install certain software, bring it to us. If some recently installed software isn’t behaving properly, again, bring it to us.  We have probably seen it before and know what to do.

Just as with hardware, bring us your software problem.  We will do what we can to fix it – and keep the costs down for you.  If we can’t fix it at a sensible price, we will tell you and give you advice.

Nova Electronics’ principles for pricing – plain speaking 

Nova Electronics have three principles about keeping your computer repair costs low:

  1. We talk with you about the problem and the likely costs.  We won’t hide anything.  We are known for our honesty
  2. We only do what is necessary to fix the problem – we don’t do “gold-plating”
  3. If something else is found or is needed – we will call you first to discuss it.

As a guide, here are some typical prices for Nova Electronics computer repairs:

 Service  Cost Time

Hardware fixes



Software fixes


Data back-up and reload Operating System £75 


 Call us now on 0114 244 7257 – or drop in at 700 - 702 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield

Nova Electronics – Local, Specialist, Keen to help

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